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21 March 2009 @ 08:38 pm
mob, mob, mob -

i'm tending to believe that it's going to rain until about two tomorrow, and then just continue to be beautifully gray and wet.

that would be a terrific setup for a day of walking in the city, were i not honestly still too sick to walk seven miles, even in the best of company. which you are, o mob, you are.

i'm up for soup, though!

i know, it's not the same. a bowl of soup with good people does not a hike across the city make, believe me, i know. but if you should decide to join me for a tasty lunch tomorrow at golden era, located at 572 O'Farrell Street, at 2pm, i would be delighted to share a table with you. (and soup's good for you, whether you have the death flu or not.)

please do notify me if you plan to join me. i'll get emails until about one, and i'll turn off the ringer on my phone and not return texts or check messages promptly at two, as the restaurant has polite little signs asking that its patrons not use their phones on the premises. until then, i welcome your notifications.

and shall i be plotting a march in april? oh, you better believe i shall.
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01 March 2009 @ 09:52 pm
(really not using lj these days. i am using twitter and facebook. but i figured i needed to use it to tell folks about this.)

dearest mob -

it's been a long, long time, but i'm gonna walk across the city again, and i'd love it if you'd join me.

at 2pm on sunday, march 22nd, i'll be at the mechanics' monument, at the corner of bush and market streets. by 2:30, i'll be walking up bush street, until bush runs out and euclid takes over; when there's not more euclid, i figure i'll walk along clement until it runs into seal rock drive; and then, if the sun's not already gone, check out the sunset on the pacific from sutro heights park again.

well? you in?

talk to me.

i'll send a reminder, regardless. i'll include the usual suggestions about whom and what to bring. but i'd love to see a walkmob march in march.
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26 January 2009 @ 12:13 pm
i'm not planning on closing down my lj, though i have been thinking about saving it to a drive.* just in case. but i really don't feel like posting anything substantial here anymore, and i'm sort of accepting that finally, after something like a year. that also means i'm missing out on posts from people who do still use it.

i don't have a good replacement. but i'm also just not structuring my time or looking at my world the ways that i was doing for most of the time i used lj.

and actually, i started this post thinking i should tell you all that i'm not planning on being at butt tuesday tomorrow, because i'm just too broke. and i'm sorry that i neglected to post here last week that i WAS doing butt tuesday; i think it's just a sort of a sign of how much i'm not using lj. it just slipped my mind.

it's not that i don't love the people on my flist.

anyway, more news later, in some form or other. if i decide anything concrete about what i'm doing with this thing, or if i decide to take up blogging elsewhere with some kind of purpose, i promise to tell you all.

*and i am embarrassed, but i admit that the reason i have not yet done so is that the supposedly-easy methods i ran across when everybody was talking about doing this a little bit ago made no sense to me. merp. anyone who wants to walk me through this is welcome to try. (wrinkles forehead)
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started on thursday as a little hoarseness in the morning, stayed throat-based for days. friday night, leaving work i said to my co-worker, "i sure hope i'm not losing my voice." that hardly ever happens to me; usually colds, when i get them, start in the schnoz and move down. this time, i spent my saturday and sunday with little-to-no voice at all; i'd wake with none, and by the time i went to bed fourteen hours later i'd have a gravelly croak. (i worked a couple of split shifts this weekend; i thank the relevant deities what i can do this stuff from home when necessary.) yesterday the beast showed its true color: a nasty pale greenish, with sinus pain and head and lungs all full of goo.

that fun thing where you begin coughing and it starts off sounding like a kid with the croup, then escalates into liquid gasping, where you can't actually get a breath of air because there's a web of gunk that gets pulled in and out of our airway when you're trying to inhale? it's actually no fun. they lied to you. another shift from home, more cold meds (it's so i can sleep without my throat filling with liquid), more all-day-long tea and gargling, la la la.

today i've got more voice than i've had on waking since saturday, so it's still progressing, and today is clearly time for the medicinal broth of the damned. it's the stuff that my friend, then-housemate and also ex-gf jasbastet taught me to make, way back when i first started living here at nest: it clears the sinuses out like WHOA, and you get a fun little rush as you break out in a sweat from every pore on your body.

i may have posted it here before, but anyway here you go -

medicinal broth of the damned
one generous handful fresh ginger, finely chopped or shredded
one generous handful garlic, ditto
dash of cayenne pepper
2-3 quarts water

optional: honey, lemon

start heating water in a pot over high heat. stir in garlic, ginger, and pepper. bring to a boil, then cover and simmer very low for 15-20 minutes. drink down, glass by glass or mug by mug, as much as you can stand. if adding honey to each serving will help get it down, add a bit of honey. if throat is not thoroughly abraded, feel free to add lemon. the idea is to drink most of all while the liquid is still warm. expect that when the broth takes effect, your sinuses will want to empty completely; have plenty of hankies on hand. you will break a hard sweat, and the combination of the empty sinuses and the sweat-popping may make you a wee bit light-headed.

nope, it won't cure a cold, but it will simulate a fever nicely (fevers really do serve a purpose, you know), and give some relief.

anyway, that is what i will be drinking instead of beer on this absofuckinglutely gorgeous day. no butt tuesday for me.
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(well, it is if YOU show up!)

i'll get there about six. probably within a couple of minutes in either direction. i'll be there for a couple of hours.

you know how, right? you show up at noc noc, the odd beer/wine bar in the lower haight with neo-paleo-deco sensibilities and a crew of well-informed geeky people in the corner under the blue neon light, debating...something. or regaling one another with tales of...something. and beer. or sake, or wine. (beer selection is larger than selections of either wine or sake.) or soda, even.

my own news at the moment involves extended laptop sadness, and brand-new desktop happiness. yes, i update you now from a real new working computer of my own. whew. yeah. anyway, i have to go eat, so i can get my other errands and appointments wrapped up before i see you all tonight. right? right.
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30 December 2008 @ 09:45 am
hair dye, laundry, momtalk, YOU AND ME AND YOU OVER THERE at butt tuesday, all of us, from like six to nine and then i run off to the east bay and t would be lovely to see you and now i have to give back this laptop bye!
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23 December 2008 @ 10:55 am
i'm still posting blind - meaning that i have no idea where y'all are, what you have been doing, or how you feel - but if you're free to come down to the noc tonight between six and nine, i believe you'll find me there.
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16 December 2008 @ 04:55 pm
something like that.

it is, as my housemate-slash-supervillain-i-mean-supervisor anomic would say, "BUTT-ASS COLD!"

but our butts will be at the noc noc tonight nonetheless, won't they? well, mine will. and the hoptoad's. and yours too, i hope. they serve hot sake, if cold beer sounds like the wrong thing to put in your mouth right now. and the place that serves sausages serves 'em hot; there's curry from around the corner (or down the block, but i don't recommend it so highly); there's the internal heating mechanism of hollering and laughing with a bunch of smart people with good taste (or, if it's more your speed, having serious, um, heated discussions, get it, heated?) and we do sit, after all, in the spot with the least exposure to the blasts of chill from the door.

i'll be there at six.
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09 December 2008 @ 03:02 pm
you would butt, too...

this morning i roasted another spahgetti squash, and i mixed some of the yummy roasted string-pulp with the remaining greens saute from yesterday morning: baby turnips, carrot, garlic and shallot; red chard, chinese mustard greens, and bok choi. they'd been sauteed in olive oil with honey and rice vinegar.

come on down to the noc noc this evening and tell me what's been cooking in your kitchen. figuratively or literally. i'll be there from six 'til about 8:45, if the pattern set by the past few weeks holds. happy hour ends at seven, but we don't stop laughing jus then.

time to brew some tea. see you later.
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07 December 2008 @ 05:48 pm
about two weeks ago, my external backup drive stopped working.

four days later, my laptop stopped working.

at the time, my big brother was visiting for a bit, so i was able to use his laptop sometimes. i can sort of use the hoptoad's computer; i cannot write anything on it, not really, no. i have a computer at work, and three to four of my workdays are in the office; one to two workdays are at home (depending on the week), and those days i can borrow a laptop from work, but it goes back to the office the following day. and when i'm at work, i'm mostly, you know, working.

this will all change; my laptop will be a working machine again, and hopefully i will have a backup drive again at some point. (let us not speak, please, of the data which may or may not be recovered from that backup drive. thank you.)

my point in all this is that i sometimes get to check email once a day; sometimes, not. i am hardly reading this here lj at all; i may or may not have a chance to post here. so i dunno what happened to you for the past couple of weeks, pretty much, if your way of communicating to me is by posting here. i say this so that you will not think that i have stopped caring about what happens in your life; and so that you do not think that i have stopped wanting to talk to you about what goes on with me. even if "what goes on" is "when i will be meeting up with people for a beer" or "where will the deathmarch go?" (that latter being something i really need some good sitting-down-for-a-few-hours-and-fiddling-with-stuff time for. i dunno why, really, it just works that way.)

anyway. i work this funny schedule (which tends to prevent me attending parties), and i'm gradually increasing my hours. and i walk about a mile a day, lately. sometimes two, sometimes less than one. i watch stuff with the hoptoad, and he and i are constantly creating and destroying inside jokes. occasionally attacking one another for fun. you know: married life. i meet up with people to yell over music and nerd out over beers (or herbal tea, heh) about weekly. i sometimes get to see my ladybug; we text one another and send emails, in between. i've been getting to hang out sometimes lately with someone else, too, and hell if i can come up with a pseudonym, but anyway, that's good news. trust me.

so that's me.

the hoptoad says if i don't get my laptop working (and, by extension, get regular access from home to the internets), i'll go bananas, he could be right!

p.s. i am writing this from october's end, aka my friends' home, in my neighborhood. in case you wondered.